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Bespoke Music & Sound Design

Brothers Conan and Tom Skyrme have an uncanny knack for translating the language of ideas to the language of emotions. From their offices in Los Angeles and London, respectively, they lead a collective of musicians, composers, engineers and producers.  

Skyrmish was founded on the deeply held belief that great collaborative art is the result of conflicting opinion resolved through heated swordplay. But mostly they just use Pro Tools.

Their website aims to please:


Michelle Lewis
Songwriter & producer & Voice Talent

They don't give out PhDs in GSD. You're either born with one or you aren't, and Michelle's got one. Every day, she's Getting Shit Done.

On various BRONTOSAURUS! productions, Michelle has been talent, jingle writer, voiceover, image releaser, or sound guy.* Or any combination thereof. Michelle is also an internationally touring folk pop singer/songwriter who has been known to cover Easy-E when the mood is right. She's not scared. 

Become a fan at

* "Sound girl" isn't a thing.


Dan Coplan
Cinematographer & Steadicam Operator & Drone Pilot

All the toys, double the fun. Dan shoots on anything and everything, in the air, under the sea, and on land. He can operate, he can light, and there's a rumor he can bench press 80 lbs. while knitting crew t-shirts. He's a real Bill Brasky.

Be nice to him and he may even share some of his freshly roasted coffee snobbery with you.

Look at him go at and


Sarah Spitz
Super Producer

Sarah is a producer. She produces all kinds of stuff. In fact, she can produce just about anything.

She has made hundreds of commercials, tons of content, and just spent a few years as the executive producer at a visual effects house. She may have also started the Hamilton bandwagon.

Along the way, Sarah has collected many collaborators and partners-in-crime, which when you think about it is kind of the point. 

Behold all sorts of fantastic work at


Mike Mallen
Editor & Motion graphics artist

Mike started making films when he was 12 and pretty much never stopped. His professional experience has stretched across the whole production spectrum, but for the last ten years he's focused his energy on post production. Well, post production and surfing.

From Los Angeles to New York and Boston, Mike works all over the country on everything from music videos and TV, to documentaries, short films and action sports. is all about Mike Mallen.


Colleen Reilly
Director & Storyteller

It's a bit difficult to give Colleen a job description, in that she pretty much does everything. In front of the camera, behind it or in the writers room, everything she touches turns to smiles. Or tears. Or donations.

Boston loves her, the Midwest adores her, and we can't get enough of her infectious energy.

See the world through Col's eyes here.



DeMane Davis
Writer & Filmmaker & Creative Director

How many vegans do you know who wear a cheese ring? How many directors do you know that have professional voices? How many writers do you know that actually know when to stop drinking? You don't know any. They only made one.

For more than two and half decades DeMane has created national and international advertising campaigns, programming, and written and directed commercials and independent films. She's had print in Archive; she's directed videos for Cigna that won Gold and Silver at the Ad Club of CT; and her two feature films premiered in Dramatic Competition at The Sundance Film Festival. DeMane also leads the league in lending out good books — the entire BRONTOSAURUS! mob is smarter for knowing her. 

More about DeMane here. More about her mamma here.


Jerren Lauder & Jesse Federman
ScreenWriters & Funnybusiness

Jesse Federman exploded onto the scene in second grade when his short story, "Murder King," won third place in a district-wide athletic competition. He later earned a masters in screenwriting at Boston University, where he also holds the record for eating zero hot dogs in three years.

Jerren went to film school in Fullerton, CA, thinking he would be Spielberg. He wound up interning at Sundance and made zero networking connections. He's now honred to be writing with Federman, author of "Murder King."

The dudes are currently writing on the new PBS Kids show Bug Bites. They've created, written and produced an animated series for Machinima as well as a live-action series for Fox Digital. They were also invited to participate in the most Hollywood thing you've never heard of, The Black List.

Find out what Jerren's voice sounds like at (562) 201-6994.


Meg Siegal
Visionary Creative

Meg is good with people. Creative people. Corporate people. Children. Crossfit enthusiasts. Everybody. You got an issue? Meg's gonna show you the way to solve it.

Over the years Meg has been the closest collaborator with BRONTOSAURUS!, leading the charge on global work for American Eagle, naming Measurabl, saving Tahoe and attracting dogs.  She has also turned elephants into human beings, a skill she learned at the Aspen Institute. If you think you might be an elephant, you need Meg.

Currently Meg is creating the future of public radio at Bizlab in Boston.